Updates & News

June 8 2021.

Added OpenBooks WebRing buttons.

April 28 2021.

Yearly update to reflect my name change again? Added StartHere back to the home page. I'll return someday.

February 1 2020.

Updated site credit.

June 16 2019.

Bugfixes and changed directory link to OpenBooks

May 10 2019.

Over 3 years since the last update. Changes to reflect my personal name change.

April 13 2016.

Removed Network Neighborhood links and other minor tweaks. VHSearch is now in complete control of Marin Exley.

March 9 2016.

Finally tweaked the site a bit (updated outdated info) and added the StartHere Directory link.

September 10 2015.

Finally removed the link to support Neocities on Kickstarter. (Congrats, guys!)

June 15 2015.

Added a link to support Neocities on Kickstarter.

June 24 2015.

After quite a long time, I've updated the site. Soon I'll be adding a Yahoo-style directory and a few more features, but at least we have a functioning search engine now.


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